Fountain Powerboats

was launched in 1972 with the single minded goal of building the fastest, smoothest, safest, best-handling and most dependable boats on the water. Our performance superiority has been proven time after time on race courses worldwide.

Donzi Marine

Founded in Miami in 1964, Donzi designs and manufactures over 20 unique fiberglass recreational powerboat models ranging from 27 to 43 feet. Donzi sells boats throughout North America as well as in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Donzi is a division of American Marine Holdings, a privately-held company which also includes Pro Line, a market leader of recreational saltwater fishing boats from 17 to 35 feet; and AMH Government Services, which offers customized Donzi and Pro-Line vessels for government and military applications worldwide.

Baja Marine

Like all Baja® boats, our very first model was something special. In a bold display of drive and determination, four owner/employees assembled the original design in an abandoned roller skating rink in 1971. What they lacked in resources, they made up for in motivation — a single-minded mission to build the finest performance boats in the world. Over the next two years, Baja Boats was born, and a product line of 14- to 20-footers, including the classic CT 150 racing design, took shape.